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   I am writing to let you know that the durability of your product has yet again surprised us.  We have had reports of poor performance on one of our customer’s remote sites VHF Repeaters.  After a trip to the site to evaluate the equipment, the users found that the tower had fallen.  This is a 50’ guyed tower that had folded at about 7’ from the base. 


   After getting some parts expedited and some snow cat transportation coordinated, we took a trip to the site.  When we arrived we were quite surprised to find that not all of the antenna systems tested bad.  We got the antenna systems up on some temporary mounts and found that all of the antennas that we dug out of the snow tested just fine. Most of these antennas have been at this location since 2008 when we replaced the antennas that were originally there due to “environmental failures”. 


   Thanks again for providing a great product. 

The antenna we used for this was the Telewave ANT150F2.   


   Kevin Timmons 

   Lead Systems Technician